Like a phrase "the right man in the right place", an effective team consists of perfectly positioned personnel. However, the company often facing an obstacles in finding qualified human resources to be placed in a position that match with the company requirement.

Recruitment & Selection Process Services provide Recruitment process with Digital Sourcing and Selection Process by Online assessment with Face Recognition, Tele-inviting and Interview.

The selection process must get through Online Assessment which has been advanced with Tele-inviting, Interview, and with an additional face recognition machine. This step serves as the purpose to measure a candidate's competencies that matched with company requirements

Indonesian recruitment

Recruitment Indonesia Services

  • Digital Sourcing through Employer Branding, partnership with University, Job fair and Social Media.

  • Profiling and CV Screening of candidates based on the qualifications required.

  • Invite Candidate for the next selection process of Online Testing and Interview. This process using an In-house Call Center System which can monitor the process from beginning to the end, starting from the connection rate, contacted rate, interested / not interested (with information) until the candidate is present.

selection service

Selection Services

  • Conduct background checking on candidate to university and or previous company

    • Candidate can do the online test through the access provided by KPSG. The assessment is made based on IQ, Work Attitude, and Personality test. This online testing platform has been equipped with a face recognition feature to ensure the candidate who run the test is the same person with who applied for the job.
    • Assessment Report in the form of Laporan Hasil Evaluasi Psikologi (LHEP)
    • KPSG Recruitment Specialist will conduct the Interview with Candidate.
    • Summary Candidate Interview Result
  • Inviting candidates for next interview process, or if it has entered the final stage, the candidate will be invited for the job offering

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