Every company can't be separated from payroll process. Payrol processing is a routine administration process that is done every month and very critical. The salary calculation process must be in accordance with labor regulations and applicable taxation provisions. And the most important thing is that the calculation have to be accurate and precise .

KPSG provides Payroll Processing Services which covers the Payroll Calculation process includes the statutory and Income tax calculation. KPSG also produce the Statutory report, and Tax Report. Aside from that, we also handle several Online Assessment Recruitment Process including the Time management services

Payroll Services

KPSG's Standard Payroll Process Services include :

    • Payroll Process Cycle (Includes Statutory and Tax calculation)
    • Salary Recapitulation & Audit Trail
    • Bank Transfer Listing
    • Payslip (e-payslip)
    • SPT Masa PPH 21 Report (SPT 1721 Series)
    • BP Jamsostek Report
    • SPT Masa PPh 21/26 Report
    • Form 1721 A1

As an addition to the above standard Payroll Process Services, KPSG also provides Add-On Services :

Add On Services
  • BP Jamsostek and BPJS Kesehatan Registration
  • BP Jamsostek and BPJS Kesehatan Administration
  • Reporting to Tax Office
  • Reporting to BP Jamsostek Office
  • Cashier Payment (Payment Payroll to Bank, Payment to Tax office and Payment to Statutory Office)

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