Our greatest strength lies in the quality of workforce management. We always choose and place people who are competent in their fields. The recruitment system that we have developed online, is equipped with psychological tests and a number of other test tools that can guarantee the accuracy of fulfilling the needs of workforce in accordance with the qualifications required by your company. Also supported by a labor administration system including payroll processing to ensure workforce management placed at your company runs by following applicable laws and regulations.

Operational Support Management Services provides managing the operational activities for the scope of work that need to be done with Service Level Performance that we defined together with you.

Operational Support Management Services covers Office Support, Hospitality, Online Assessment, Facility Cleaning, Security, Hauling, Mining and Plantation. The Overall Scope of Operation Support Management Services includes the following stages of the process:

Operation Support Services

    • Work Volume
    • Standard Quality
    • Project timeline
    • Total Manpower Resource and Qualifications
    • Types and quantities of equipment

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