KPSG Unveils the Digitally Enriched Solution at the Exhibition of Digital & Risk Management in Insurance

KPSG Unveils the Digitally Enriched Solution at the Exhibition of Digital & Risk Management in Insurance


KPSG, a leading business process service provider that have served numbers of A-list insurance companies in Indonesia, attend Digital & Risk Management in Insurance (DRiM) Seminars and Exhibition organized by AAJI (Indonesia Life Insurance Association). The event was held at The Westin Resort, Nusa Dua Bali 21st – 23rd February 2018. The representative from KPSG, Vincensia Susiyanti as KPSG’s Chief Information Officer and Amin Kurniawan as KPSG’s Chief Technology Officers join the events along with the Directors and C-Level of Insurance Companies.

Since 1990, KPSG has provided the end to end human resources solutions and information technology services that are essential for the growth of insurance industry. With digital transformation increasingly becoming a top of mind topic, KPSG is committed to providing innovative solutions designed for enhancing insurance companies. The digital solution will support the insurance industry in fulfilling the ever-changing consumer’s needs, as well as improving insurance market penetration in Indonesia, giving added value for insurance industry growth. Vincensia Susiyanti commented, “KPSG has developed a strong partnership with the insurance industries for years. Hence, we commit to support insurance companies with the technology and knowledge to face the digital transformation era.”

The fact that insurance continues to have very low penetration in Indonesia, and that there is ample room to grow in delivering best customer experience, make it crucial for the industry to continuously seek ways to improve itself, especially in embracing digitalization. The event is one of the ways that the industry can share best practices, to prepare for the new wave of consumer’s expectation for easy, simple, accurate and fast processes through digital, wherein companies must also ensure robust risk management.

During the event, KPSG exposed the Digitally Enriched Outsourcing Service (DEOS) as the new concept of BPO service that will become the main premise for KPSG distinctive value and competencies in providing solutions for its clients.

Embracing the commitment of implementing DEOS, KPSG introduced a digital face recognition technology called FACE2 to the audience in the exhibition. The face recognition technology can be utilized for employee attendance system, access control, and registration during the recruitment process. The audiences in the exhibition were able to experience the FACE2 features directly, starting from capturing the face portrait to testing the on-screen recognition technology.

The other highlighted feature is Augmented Reality (AR) Training. KPSG provides a digitally enhanced training system that utilizes the augmented reality technology to facilitate an engaging and productive training, enabling the user to simulate a real-life situation during the process. The AR training feature aims to foster employees’ motivation and confidence in developing their skills. The feature supports Human Resources endeavor in constructing high-quality workforce.

KPSG’s participation in the event marked the eagerness to grow together with insurance companies in Indonesia. KPSG will continuously come up with new ideas and innovation to assist the insurance industries in facing disruption of digital transformation era.

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