KPSG Contact Center Services cover functions for both Inbound (Customer Service, Help Desk, Inbound Sales, Order Taking) and Outbound (TeleMarketing, TeleSurvey, TeleCollection, TeleCleansing).

Contact Center Services are KPSG’s crown jewel services, which provide resources such as:

  • Contact Center System Application

  • Hardware and Telephony Infrastructure

  • Contact Center Premises and Facility

  • Telco Usage and Management

The services are arranged in Resource Provisioning Model in which KPSG is responsible to provide the Contact Center resources with guaranty on quality and service availability as provided in the Service Level Agreement (SLA) agreed by both Client and KPSG.

By implementing KPSG In-housed Contact Center System Application – OnTrace® which is fully supported by KPSG In-housed IT team, the services are proven to support many high profile clients in various industries, especially Banking and Insurance.

In addition to OnTrace© System Application, KPSG has a collaboration with some leading principles in providing off-the-shelf Contact Center System Application; and therefore provides other alternatives for prospective clients based on their requirements.

In terms of Contact Center Facility, KPSG has been experienced in providing Contact Center premises area and construction, which alternatively may be developed in client’s owned location, in client’s preferred location, or in KPSG’s site.

The facility may be customized following the contact center area standard quality, compliance policy and also client’s security policy.

KPSG Telco Usage dan Management Services complement the “Turn key Solution” Contact Center Services, which provides the E1 Telco Digital network service with Telkom provider basis.

Currently, KPSG Contact Center has grown to around 2.000 workstation seats that are spread in several centers of operation site.

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