Human Resources Services (HR Services) are KPSG’s flagships service since 1990.

These services are provided through Resources Provisioning Model, in which KPSG provides Human Resources according to the number and specific qualifications required by Client, to fill job positions in the front line, back office or Information Technology, starting from administration, operators, staffs up to managerial level.

KPSG HR Services are divided into 2 (two) categories:

In addition to the above services, KPSG may also support Client who requires other HR related services:

  • Psychotest Services

    KPSG provides Psychotest with reliable testing tools in measuring the candidates personality and intelligence.

  • Training and Development Services

    KPSG provides Training and Development Services conducted by KPSG inhoused team or by affiliating with 3rd party training provider, covering Customer Service Excellence, Sales Skill, or Motivation Training.

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