Companies' stability and compliance are crucial things to support employees' performances. To help your company, KPSG provides Employee Administration and Registration Services from Employee On-Boarding, Retention and Off-Boarding. We also helps several recruitment process and several online assessment ideas

On Boarding

    • Prepare Employment Contract
    • Brief Employment Contract
    • Contract Signing
  • Registration BPJS Tenaga Kerja & BPJS Kesehatan

    Register employees and core family to BP Jamsostek and BPJS Kesehatan


  • Filling Employee database
  • Administration of BP Jamsostek and BPJS Kesehatan
  • Leave Administration by Employee Self Services (“KPSG Reva” - AI Powered Virtual Assistant)
  • Employee Attendance and Overtime Administration
    • Take Home Pay (THP) Calculation
    • PPH 21 Calculation
    • BP Jamsostek Calculation
    • BPJS Kesehatan Calculation
    • Annual Income Tax (SPT Tahunan)
  • Coaching / Counseling
  • Letter (Warning letter, visa reference letter, etc)
  • Payroll Payment (Optional) – If the employment status under your company.
    • The process of transferring salary through a bank transfer to a worker's account
    • E-payslip / Payslip

Off Boarding

  • Termination letter
  • Exit Interview
  • Reference Letter

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