HR's Checklist Before Calling a Candidate

The most difficult aspect of hiring may not be scheduling interviews. However, making an effort to increase the efficiency of your process will save you time and improve the candidate experience.

Furthermore, interacting with applicants over the phone makes your approach feel more personalized and memorable. How do we prepare it well?

- Check the time zone
If you're tele-inviting remote candidates, keep in mind that they might be in a different time zone than you. Reminders can be altered to the correct time zone using scheduling tools such as online calendars. If you're manually adding time slots, double-check to ensure you don't call them at the wrong time. Don't forget to ask applicants about their availability before calling.

- Be informative and clear
When inviting job candidates for a phone interview, make sure to include: the position that they have applied for and a few different time and day options for the interview/job offer session for them to conveniently choose.

- Prepare a script
No matter how good you are at speaking impromtu, after several candidates your energy will be drained out. Before you forget some important details to several candidates, please be ready with a script to ensure all the much-needed information are distributed equally to all the people you've called.

Hiring may be a time-consuming and frustrating process for some HR - especially ones that also face lots of strategic responsibilities in-house. Yet the phase of tele-inviting in the hiring process requires focus since it allows you to gather some basic information about the applicant's interest in the job. So make sure that you invest your resources well at this stage to pave the way for the next smooth stages of the hiring.

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