Do You Know the Difference Between Career and Job?

Do You Know the Difference Between Career and Job?

It's a matter of semantics whether you call it a job or a career. The mentality is the real difference. How serious are you about your work? Are you enthusiastic about it?

When you have a career perspective rather than a job mindset, difficult work situations become learning opportunities and growth catalysts.

Careers are a motivation booster
When you enjoy what you do and the people you work with, you're motivated to get started. Even if it's Monday. That doesn't imply you should be "eager to work" every day, but it does suggest that your daily routine should be stimulating rather than depressing. It may be difficult to accept the fact that you will have the opportunity to manage a team, coach others to attain their full potential, and enhance your soft skills, but it will be well worth it. This is a professional mindset. One who looks at the big picture of the event rather than the nitty-gritty flaws.

Careers are not just a means to an end
A career is a chance to learn and grow. Management abilities are transferrable, and they are valuable. One of the most exciting aspects of growing as a manager is that you may develop in two areas: leadership and management. On the other hand, jobs appear to be more of a means to a goal. Those with a "job" mentality also don't seem to stay in one place for very long. When you devote your time and attention to managing a team, you invest it in establishing your reputation, forging contacts, and climbing the corporate ladder. When you work solely for a wage, though, you don't receive a complete picture of the world.

Careers bring a sense of value alignment
Culture fit is defined as when a person's own values align with the company's values. When you're working at a job you don't like, it's not that you won't agree with the ideals; it's more probable that you won't care if they match your own. You'll have a stronger emotional relationship to the brand if your values are closely aligned with those of your company, making you more inclined to be involved and offer that extra effort. Because your work becomes enjoyable, the topic of career vs job is no longer a question you need to ask yourself.

When you're having a career, time flies
When you're at a job you don't enjoy, you could spend the majority of your day counting down the minutes until you can go home. On the contrary, if you're having a career, you enjoy your time being productive, with a bunch of people that excite you. So you can tell the difference between a job and a career by asking yourself this simple question: are you having fun at work?

Jobs provide fulfillment of a direct demand - such as salary. Careers set you on a path of journey to a successful future. Are you the manager at work? You should get your team to the path of a fruitful career by assisting them in overcoming obstacles. Do you have a long-term goal or plan for your own career? Seeing your role as manager as a stepping stone to a better career is what will inevitably help you get there. Consult with KPSG for further information!

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