Are You at Risk of Payroll Incident?

When considering the best payroll management for your organization, we often feel "safe" with the in-house option, because we think that when payroll management is entrusted to a service provider or an outside party, there is a big risk of abuse.

Did you know that in fact the majority of fraud cases in payroll occur when payroll is managed in-house rather than outsourced? Let's examine the various types of insider fraud that commonly afflict business organizations globally:

- The Ghost Employee
A non-existent employee is getting a routine paycheck

- The Tampered Wage
An employee manipulates their wage rate, tampers with their actual paycheck or increases their sales numbers for more commission pay.

- The Time Theft
An employee increases their pay by claiming to have worked more hours than they actually did.

- The Reimbursement Fraud
Dishonest reimbursement claims

Hopefully neither of these incidents befall your organization. Prevent and secure your organization's payroll with a one stop solution for Payroll process and 3rd party statutory services from KPSG.

Together with KPSG, all activity processes related to payroll processing, including statutory, will be handled by professional payroll specialists. KPSG's main objective that client's expected to have the “peace of mind” in terms of their routine payroll, so that the organization can focus their resources on more strategic aspects to boost their business forward.

What are the advantages of our service?
- Accuracy and Timeliness
Usually, when payroll is managed in-house, the PIC is often someone who also has other responsibilities, so there is a risk that the payroll management will be piled up by other tasks, resulting in unwanted incidents.

- Compliant Factor
Regulations related to payroll in different regions are also different. Even the rules that already exist, can also change over time. Your organization's payroll partner will act as a consultant and help you understand the latest dynamics.

- Data Confidentiality
It's the most crucial reasons why an organization outsource their payroll process to the trusted partner like KPSG.

Don't hesitate to trust all your activity process related to payroll process including statutory, to service provider such as KPSG. You can get a peace of mind as your payroll management is in the hands of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in Indonesia and SEA.

From banking, insurance, financial services, pharmacy to FMCG all can benefit from this service. We're experienced in assisting multinational companies as they're entering their new ventures in Indonesia - from payroll to the regulations aspect. Contact us now for more information!

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