Hiring in Rush: Should We Skip/Delay the Psychological Test?

Errors in recruitment is something that is important to avoid. Every time the company makes a mistake in recruitment, the company must bear the loss, either material or non-material. Material losses can be in the form of recruitment, orientation, and training costs. While non-material, errors in recruitment can have negative consequences for the productivity of the company which also affects the reputation of the company itself. Errors in recruitment can also trigger an increase in turnover, this can also disrupt the focus of the remaining employees and again have an impact on decreasing employee productivity.

However, in the midst of the increasingly high demands of the world of work, HR often faces situations where they are rushed to recruit. Yes, this complaint has often been heard since the beginning of 2022, because perhaps businesses that had been sluggish during the peak of the pandemic, began to return to their normal activities and pursued many targets to achieve. Inevitably, a need arises for new employees and is asked to quickly find a suitable one. Is it easy? Certainly not!

Then, many HR teams try to improvise in recruitment. For example, as long as it looks suitable to be interviewed by the user, or as long as the job test is complete and the CV looks convincing, you are immediately recruited.

Even though it is said that one of the big mistakes in recruitment is just relying on interviews. Indeed, some companies rely solely on interviews to evaluate candidates they think are potential. However, interviews run the risk of bias because interviewers may inadvertently spend most of their time trying to confirm the impression they form on the applicants.

A candidate can also be manipulative during an interview by saying or doing anything to get the job you are offering.

Recall the basic purpose of recruitment, which is to get talented and potential employees who can take the company forward. For something as critical as this, you should not miss an important step that must be done, one of which: Psychological tests.

Get precise psychological tests to ensure:
- To get to know the psychological side of a candidate
- Important to understand the behavior patterns of a candidate
- Provide an overview to recruiters of how the candidate will perform in a work environment

KPSG is your reliable partner for effective and precise psychological tests in the recruitment process.

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