Beware of Fake Social Media Accounts During Recruitment

We live in a post-truth era, where distinguishing what is real and fake is often not easy. With what being said, HR has a new challenge in verifying incoming applicant data, especially through online media such as LinkedIn.

In semester 1 of 2021 alone, LinkedIn has removed 15 million fake accounts. They are fake applicant accounts - not only are their contents fake (for example, falsifying work history or academic grades), but even the identities that are shown are not real identities.

Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology allows software to generate photos of people's faces that never existed. Many fraudsters on the internet use it to create fake digital identities. Interacting with fake applicants like this opens up a cyber risk for your company - the account could be created by a skilled hacker to break into your organization's systems. So, be wary of candidates whose LinkedIn accounts have never shown any networking or community activity on the platform; as if the account was created only to apply to your company.

Currently in Indonesia, there aren't many incidents like that happening yet, but HR should remain vigilant because rapid technological developments come along with increased risks.

On the other hand, what often happens with fake applicants in Indonesia is the falsification of the contents of the curriculum vitae or application letter. When processing the candidates further, do not hesitate to ask for a Certificate of Employment from his previous employer.

Also, don't skip to contact the reference number. Make sure to the companies where the candidate lists his work history, do a fact check if the person was once registered as an employee. Likewise with the campus and its majors. Once, a fake applicant was caught because he claimed to be studying in the X department from the Y campus, in fact the campus did not have that major.

So, have you strengthened the screening process at the time of recruitment? Or are you struggling to take care of all your organization's recruitment needs? Contact KPSG for a reliable partner in recruitment execution for the advancement of your company!

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