Better Onboarding for Q2 2022

Onboarding program is the process of introducing the company to new employees, or the process of adjusting new employees to their working environment.

The onboarding program is not just an introduction to the environment and work for new employees, but a way to remind new employees of their rights and obligations as employees.

In 2022, it is very possible for your organization's activities to return to normal and re-hiring is carried out even in quite large numbers. How to make the onboarding process really effective?

- Carry out the onboarding process since the offering letter is signed
- Thorough preparation; make sure on the first day you enter your desk, office supplies, until the administrative process is done.
- Combine it with an online onboarding program that has been paid in installments since before the employee goes to the office for the first time
- Make sure new hires understand from the start about the company's vision, mission, and values.
- The right time to make sure every new employee understands the job description, responsibilities, rights, to the report line.
- Take advantage of onboarding moments for HR to get closer to employees. Build openness and safe spaces for them.
- Beware of the overload information, don't shower the new employee with too much materials that they won't remember.

Employee onboarding is not finished until the introduction of the company and job description. But, it is a series of processes to ensure employees understand their new roles in the company; to how these employees can put out a good performance while working.

All of us who have worked in professional companies know how important onboarding is. What you feel is lacking the first time onboarding, don't repeat it; it is precisely as HR you should start a tradition of better and more effective onboarding.

Good luck with your onboarding program!

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