More Than Just Entertainment: Lessons for HR from Popular Netflix's Show

When work hours are over and it's time to relax, one of the most popular streaming services today to accompany our leisure time is Netflix. Did you know, it turns out that there are various lessons for working world that can be obtained from some of Netflix's most popular shows lately?

More Than Just Entertainment: Lessons for HR from Popular Netflix's Show

1. Aggretsuko
The anime portrays office rage in a very comical but also in a relatable way. When you watch Aggretsuko as someone who work as an HR, you will realize that there is a serious abuse of power narrative depicted there. Due to frequent experiences of abuse of power from her immediate supervisor, young accountant Retsuko feels pressured at work. Unexpectedly, she actually gets assistance and mentoring from other seniors at work, who's not supposed to be Retsuko's direct users, namely Marketing Director Gori and Corporate Secretary Washimi.

Sounds familiar? Yes, it often happens in the workplace, when a staff member experiences dissatisfaction and estrangement with her direct supervisor, she found herself comfortable in sharing her workplace concerns with people from different divisions. While on the positive side this can help the staff get the mentoring they need when the boss is unable to provide it, there are many organizational risks in this phenomenon, one of which is that senior staff may not learn to become mentors who are able to develop the skills of their own subordinates. Not to mention the rumors that are definitely circulating and there will be absence of concrete solutions.

2. Inventing Anna
Watching the story of the con artist Anna Delvey is very interesting, especially considering the film is based on a true story. However as an HR, we can learn a lot from Anna's actions - mainly when we are faced with a pile of CVs and must examine the integrity of the candidate accurately. Yes, many HRs check candidates' track records from their social media - but from this film, we are reminded not to always trust social media. Anna Delvey displays the perfect life on her social media to deceive people.

It turns out that various famous college diplomas and achievements that Anna claimed are actually fake. HR, don't forget to always do a background check for every CV that comes in from a trusted source. Verify the accuracy of applicants' credentials to reduce the risk of employee violence, theft, and other crimes of dishonesty. The most common pre-employment background checks are reference checks, past employment and education verification, credit checks, driving records checks, and criminal history checks.

As an HR, what other TV series that have inspired you? Share your recommendations!

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