Leave Management that can Boost Employee's Engagement

Leave Management that can Boost Employee's Engagement 

As an HR professional, properly managing employee leave is very important. In the midst of the dynamics of a company that is full of various things to take care of, how can we continue to oversee employee leave smoothly?

Recommend employees to apply ahead of time
In order for HRD to be able to manage expectations for capacity and productivity in the holiday season, it is very important for employees to understand that those who will be taking time off should inform you and their users early.

Make sure the work is well managed before leaving
Remind employees of the company you work for to complete all their work or coordinate with their backups. That way, they will be calmer when they are out of town and don't have to think about work.

Ask permission to contact them during an emergency
It is very natural for an employee who is on vacation out of town to turn off their cell phone so that their vacation is not disturbed. However, there are times when work problems occur at undesirable times. When an incident occurs that only the employee can resolve, we have no choice but to call in the middle of the leave. Bear in mind, the purpose of contacting them is not to interrupt their vacation, but to ask what to do when work problems occur.

Automation of the leave process with technology
To prevent human error or draining too many resources for leave, you can rely on HR technology that is currently developing rapidly. Can't invest directly to buy and operate an in-house leave automation system? No need to worry, the key is partnering with an MPHRO service provider that comes with advanced technology.

If you already have a mature leave system, don't forget to socialize it with your employees long before the holiday season. However, this leave entitlement must be taken by employees so that the company can have good quality workers. Thus, HR can enjoy more effective and efficient office operations.

Employee leave regulations in this country have also been regulated in the Manpower Act by the Indonesian government. So, HR must also understand all the types of leaves that exist and their regulations, so that the compliance aspect is maintained and employees get their rights according to applicable regulations.

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