How to Recruit Candidates for Banking & Financial Industri More Efficiently with MPHRO Partner

Business and dynamics in the banking and financial industries, encourage them to become common clients for MPHRO (Multi-Process Human Resources Outsourcing) service providers.

Even during the pandemic, they are classified as a critical sector that must continue to operate to serve customers face-to-face. That's why the need for a professional workforce in this field persists.

When practitioners in the financial and banking sectors look for outsourcing partners in their recruitment process, what do they look for?


How to Recruit Candidates for Banking & Financial Industri More Efficiently with MPHRO Partner

- Lack of resources in terms of skill, technology, data and time to effectively manage in-house recruitment.
- Need to find the best candidate in the shortest time for the least cost.

These two situations often encourage them to come to MPHRO service providers when the recruitment process arrives. A professional MPHRO partner with a mature experience like KPSG, will provide the following benefits:

- Serving recruitment with a team of professional recruiters, so that it can reduce the possibility of failed recruitment decisions. From screening processes, job-specific tests, aptitude tests, multiple interview stages, CV sorting, and many more - all processes can be handled by your partner.

- Qualified HR technology
Your MPHRO partner comes with HR technologies such as integrated applicant tracking systems to recruitment analytics. This is what can provide better efficiency and effectiveness of a company's recruitment process.

- Perfect for multinational companies
MPHRO partners who have operations in more than one country and handle multinational companies, will support you with knowledge of recruitment policies. When your banking or financial services expand overseas, this ensures your compliance aspect.

- Database of Candidates
With years of recruiting, your MPHRO partner has extensive candidate databases and a rich talent pool. These databases can help filter candidates according to skills, personalities, availability and many more. Some of these candidates have been interviewed previously, providing more updated information on these individuals.

- Candidate Experience
The face of professional MPHRO in your recruitment process helps you build positive candidate experience through their proper attitude and handling of the recruitment. With a strong, reliable and positive experience during recruitment, companies are more inclined to attract more quality candidates!

Let's get more value ?? from your recruitment process, KPSG is here to make your next recruitment phase a success!

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