Execute Strategic Sourcing for Your Organization

Hello HR! Have you ever experienced major difficulties in filling a position in your organization? Have these positions been vacant for months, without being filled with the right candidates to advance the organization? Before frustration hits you further, consider the following tips first!

Execute Strategic Sourcing for Your Organization, Here is the Tips!

-Get your EVP ready
Yes, the branding principle is no longer the marketing department’s stuff - it applies to all units of the organization, including HRD. You have to present your EVP (Employee Value Proposition) right, in order to entice the best candidates out there who share the same value with your organization. It’ll contribute to your retention rate as well.

-Shift your mindset
Instead of scouring and pouring all energies only on the piles of the incoming CVs, why don’t you be more proactive by approaching those who aren’t applying, but have the right qualities for the vacant position? Yes, it is believed in the global staffing world that the core of strategic staffing is looking at not just who applied for your job but who is the absolute best person for your job. Do you know, in today’s talent market, even people who aren’t looking for new jobs can be enticed to join your organization?

-Don’t rely heavily only on one platform
LinkedIn may have 380 million registered users, but that does not guarantee that you’ll surely find the right candidates there. Sometimes, it has become overrated. For example, for tech professionals such as Python or Ruby developers, it’s quite rare to find a vast pool of candidates on LinkedIn.

-Join the online/offline meetups
For any field these days, we can find a dedicated community; for example, we can easily find an online community of copywriters or account executives on social media. Sometimes, they come up with meetup events that’s open to the public. This is your chance to jump into the talent pool and do your hunting!

As the world of business and organization develops, HRD seems to be required to continue to be creative in equipping their organization with competent talent.

Especially when the weeks go by and the position is still vacant, often the burden is put upon HRD. Indeed, getting the number one talent does take a process; strategies and tactics make the process more effective and efficient. Take advantage of technology and the presence of partners in the recruitment process to lighten the burden on your department and guarantee the arrival of the best talent.

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