Work From Office in the Omicron Season: The Guide

In February, the Indonesian Ministry of Health finally stated that Indonesia had entered the third wave of the Covid-19. This condition was marked by the increase in daily Covid-19 cases in Indonesia in the past weeks.

The government urges business people to operate their offices on a limited and temporary basis if new clusters of Covid-19 are found. It is also reminded that employees to keep limiting physical interaction with co-workers.

The government appealed to company leaders, especially from non-essential sectors, to consider work from home (WFH) options and not implement 100 percent work from office (WFO) amid increasing cases of the Omicron variant in Indonesia. To set an example, all governmental organizations have reduced offline meetings and resumed using online technology since January 2022.

As HRD, how should we respond to the development of this situation? Of course we must adhere to the principle that protecting employee’s health, well-being and engagement are the top priorities.

Work From Office in the Omicron Season: The Guide

- If the head office or branch of your business doesn't yet have the PeduliLindungi QR code, don’t delay, now is the time! Send a letter of request to the Head of the Data and Information Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia via e-mail: (letter containing information on telephone number, name of PIC for each place/building, email address, category of activity, name of place/building, city and province). After that, you will receive a QR Code printing instruction via e-mail reply from the Ministry of Health.

- Fom a strategic point of view, it is very important to establish an Omicron response management task force. Their goal is not only to oversee the health and safety of employees during the Omicron season, but also to ensure employee engagement, attraction and retention are maintained. For example, socialize that managers must double down on empathy to better understand what employees need to be productive.

- What if the case of transmission has already occurred in the office? Spokesperson for the Indonesian Covid-19 Vaccination Siti Nadia Tarmizi explained that five days of office closures are sufficient for disinfection and quarantine protocols for all employees who are in close contact with patients.

February 2022 is predicted to be Omicron's peak season in Indonesia, therefore show your alertness so that employees can feel calmer at work. Let’s pass through this uncertain season with preparation.

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