Build Better Employee Engagement for 2022

Build Better Employee Engagement for 2022

After the Great Resignation occurred globally in the previous year and became an HR phenomenon of its own, now we’re realized the importance of employee engagement to keep the retention rate good.

Yes, retaining your employees is definitely better than getting a new one all the time. But remember, we can’t retain employees who are not engaged in the first place.

First of all, it’s important for us as the strategic HR to differentiate between engaged and committed. The committed employees may have established emotional attachment with your organization, they may openly be proud of being affiliated with your brand. But, we should aim at employee engagement, because it’s the phase in which both the maximum contribution for the company and the maximum satisfaction for employees meet their balance. For a longer term of retain rate, this is definitely more sustainable.

Strategically, in order to achieve it, HR should think deeper than just being “fun” to the millennials through bean bag chairs, free food, or allow employees to bring their pet to work. Focus more on activities that really impact employees’ personal capacity, through tools and resources that they really need to excel their career.

An employee may be excited by the various gimmicks you present as HRD, from swings in the office to a stunning cafeteria. But over time, your employees will only remember, do they feel supported in carrying out their work? Is leadership in this organization really present in their careers as mentors, not as authoritarian and one-way bosses. One example of equipping employees for capacity development can be realized by providing a budget for subscribing to audiobooks, magazines, or buying books.

They will feel more satisfied with their professional life, as they witness themselves creating real values to the organization. Thus, the real employee engagement that matters.

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