HR, Anticipate These Staffing Issues in 2022!

HR, Anticipate These Staffing Issues in 2022!

The year 2022 comes with its own challenges and opportunities for the HR department. Here are some of the things can expect to occur this year:

- Effect of the Great Resignation
After the previous year’s Great Resignation phenomenon, it is expected that the rippling effect will still be here this year. Anticipate turnover rate in your organization through a mature retention strategy.

- Remote Hiring & Onboarding
Even though the majority of the offices have already opened their doors to employees onsite, does not mean they are then just flocking back into the office. The truth is, some people already find it more convenient working remotely. The challenge for HR, is to finalize their remote hiring & onboarding SOP to ensure the process goes on more smoothly.

- Reskilling Your Seasoned Talents
As hiring got more challenging these days, it is natural that team leaders opt for internal hiring or promotion. To anticipate this, HR should focus on reskilling their seasoned employees to ensure they’re still relevant and competitive.

How about those that are already hired? One of the biggest homework left by remote working culture to the HR is how to increase employees’ engagement. Working in the comfort of their own place, employees may feel isolated. Online communication with their colleagues may not result in a warm relationship. HR should guard their organization to ensure a great employee recognition program is conducted and introduce a strong workplace culture.

Having a holistic view of these hiring issues should be a priority of your HR department this year. Work it out with your team to gain a healthy balance of each point, and don’t hesitate to leave out HR’s administrational stuff to a reliable MPHRO partner, so you can focus on these strategic recruitment matters.

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