End of Year: Time to Make Rooms for Celebrating Talents' Achievements

Recognition and rewards are one of the keys to building good relationships with your team. Have you supported and motivated them with rewards at this end of the year?

Before you decide on clicking random stuff on the marketplace to ship into your employees’ addresses, consider these things first to ensure your appreciation is perceived as meaningful and can contribute to build a better employee experience.


End of Year: Time to Make Rooms for Celebrating Talents' Achievements

Personal sentiment
Coworkers and team members could be among the circles of people that we interact most often with during the day; it should give you a glimpse of their personal preferences. Giving a gift that clicks with their values can be seen as treasurable, as they feel appreciated as fellow human beings, instead of just another random worker.

Productivity stuff
Don’t hesitate to send them gifts that relate to their daily tasks; with the right selection and wording, it won’t be seen as a threat or pressure “to work harder” in the new year. For example, when an employee has to deal with a buggy old company printer, you can appreciate them by equipping their desk with the latest printer tech, so their productive days can be more convenient.

New benefit in the coming year
A small adjustment in their benefit or overtime fee will be very appreciated and give your talents some boost of motivation to give their best performance in the coming year.

So remember, when curating end-of-year rewards for our team members, the goal is to make their work lives easier. That should be on your top of mind, and be empathetic with their personal preferences also. Show them that you care, through gifts that translate into less stress, better work-life balance, and improved engagement. It’s time to reward your team by making their work-life easier through KPSG.

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