Identify Bottlenecks in Your Staffing Process

We hate bottlenecks in our daily commute, and surely you really don’t want it in your staffing process.

A smooth and effective staffing process is the key for building your organisation by having a troop of top talents. Unfortunately, bottlenecks can happen during the staffing process, which results in the entire process stopping, slowing down, or being less effective. Yes, just like the one we found during a traffic jam.

As in a busy road, the staffing process also involves multiple people: human resources, hiring manager, payroll, users, etc. While usually it’s the hiring manager that spends the most time with resumes, everyone involved in the staffing needs to understand their role and is capable of doing it. That’s how you prevent bottlenecks.

If it’s already happened, how can we correct it?

Identify Bottlenecks in Your Staffing Process

Strengthen communication
Elements within the hiring process can accidentally be forgotten or duplicated - that’s why there’s no such thing as overcommunication. Always be communicative to all people involved in the staffing.

Unicorn hunter syndrome
Many times, bottleneck in staffing process happens when too many people are involved, and they're infested with "unicorn hunter syndrome". It means, they're looking for an ideal candidate according to their own version and tend to be overly critical with all the applicants. When it happens, sit together to define the measurable qualities that your team is looking for.

Role reinforcement
After you ensure that everyone has understood their role in the staffing process, don’t hesitate to invest more in training for any individual who needs capacity development to be more optimized in the staffing process.

Let’s be more strategic during the staffing process - you can gain more by investing in resources to develop high-performance recruiting teams. Remember, the staffing process is essential because it can create the next company innovation, and be the future leader. When you feel clueless about adjusting your staffing process to become more efficient and prevent bottlenecks, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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