Prevent Your Remote Workforce to Become Disconnected

Perhaps, the previous year got us making strategic decisions in the dark as we’re still grappling with the new situation. But these times, as things start to settle down, we can focus more on the future of our organisations. Let’s deep dive into how HR can build a fair situation with the presence of a troop of remote workers within.

Sometimes, the term “remote talents” can lead to misperception that the organisation has some people that contribute from afar and are disconnected from the other talents working on-site. This can lead to the birth of two groups in the organisations and lead to disintegration and perceived unfairness. Let’s prevent it so that your organisation won’t crumble from within!


Prevent Your Remote Workforce to Become Disconnected


Use a better term
As mentioned before, the term “remote” may imply to your new hires that they’re not fully-part of the organisation - as if they’re just a freelance contractor. During your staffing process, you can use the term “desk” and “non-desk” instead to emphasize that everyone is an employee in this hybrid office.

Make time for a career conversation
Remote talents can easily feel like they won't get the same career opportunities as onsite employees - which can contribute to lowering their motivation and performance. Therefore, as HR, make sure you schedule regular meetings to discuss their career path and opportunities.

Create pairing-up systems
Pair your non-desk and desk talents on a project to ensure internal networking is there and the organisation dynamic is healthy. Encourage them to meet up face to face when it's possible.

As HR, we surely want both employees to be engaged and stay with us, that’s why it’s essential to invest resources in building a proper hybrid culture. Remember, the difference between them is just the fact that some employees have workplace desks, while others don’t. Yet a desk doesn’t define culture, and everyone is equally an employee of your organisation. Make sure you supported with a recruitment consultant to excel the office resources.

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