Self-care Guides for the Tech Burned Out

In terms of being productive in the hybrid working culture, technology is our new best friend. Yet, on the eclipse side of it, lurks the risk of your team being burned out by too much screen time and demanding notifications. What to do, then?

As common as it may sound, self care remains a relevant cure for the burned out workforce. Self care does not equal laziness - on the contrary, it is the process of “sharpening your saw” before going back to the forest. Self care process helps to nurture the performance of your team; the key is to do it right without sacrificing their important tasks. Check out some guides below:


Self-care Guides for the Tech Burned Out

Guided Meditation
No, we’re not talking about complicated ancient arts that require “Dr.Strange training” or long pilgrimage faraway. As simple as downloading breathing technique apps or tune in into Netflix’s Headspace is okay.

Track Yourself
Using the tools that are usually there in your gadget, track your 3S: Sleep, Steps, Screen time. That way, you can anticipate burning out before it really happens.

Let It Go
Be more aware in managing your work-life balance by learning to say ‘no’ for agendas that won’t contribute to your mental health. Take care of yourself first, it’s really okay to turn down some social get-together event when you really don’t feel like going.

It’s really okay to feel tired, don’t let yourself be dragged down into the counterproductive of hustler culture. Every once in a while, we want or need a reset button. So, appreciate your productive self by taking care of your mental health better. If you’re an HR in the company, you should be the role model - set the standard well within your organisation and put a self care program into your strategy for your better recruitment process

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