All the Basic Information You Need to Know Before Executing Psychological Online Testing

All the Basic Information You Need to Know Before Executing Psychological Online Testing

Hiring soon? The psychological online testing should be your cup of tea. We’ve recapped all the stuff you need to understand before conducting it, to ensure a smooth process.

First of all, you may wonder: Why should we test the candidate psychologically?

Yes, that candidate may have already passed your job test brilliantly, and their CVs show outstanding achievements and portfolios and upon your interaction with them, they definitely don’t look or sound like a sociopath. So, shall we skip the psychological testing?

One mental note to be remembered: Recruitment isn’t a gambling game - especially if you don’t want an unwanted extra cost on re-hiring after that “star talent” acting up within your organisation only to disappear after probation. A good psychological test can tell you if a candidate is really the right one for your company.

What’s inside the psychological test for your recruitment process? It includes a personality test, which tracks a person’s tendencies in acting, thinking, feeling, and responding to situations in and out of work. No. it’s not a teenager matchmaking - personality test is very essential in hiring because research shows that personality fit has a direct impact on work performance. Personality fit looks at how an individual’s personality matches the job and the company culture.

And…. It does not stop at hiring. So you’ve found that perfect candidate, and already successfully hired him/her. Can we throw away and forget about their test result? On the contrary, their psychological test results can still be useful even after they’re onboarded. What for? It’s relevant to prepare their training & development program, and also for their direct user as a guide in managing team’s dynamics.

That’s how essential a good psychological test is in the long term. Now, considering the hybrid work culture, lots of people are looking for online psychological tests that can be executed remotely and reach out to many candidates, no matter their geographic location. This is where the service of KPSG comes in handy. Go talk to us now regarding this service!

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