Staffing in a New Region for Multinational Companies

Venturing into a new region is all-in-a-day’s business for multinational companies. All the stuff regarding infrastructures and facilities can be handled well via internal coordination, but one element regarding human resources - the staffing process - can become tricky when not taken care of well.

Yet, don’t let the challenge intimidate you from the excitement of tapping into a new market - it can be the very beginning of your business’ acceleration. Let’s break down the challenge one by one so you can identify it and set your strategy accordingly.


Staffing in a New Region for Multinational Companies

Having the right combination of professionals
New business requires a new set of human resources with diverse skills to collaborate and drive your business. It is an art of its own to combine the right mix of skills to fill in all the positions. This multiple hiring at multiple levels can pose a humorous challenge to any HR out there.

Old & new chemistry
When new business ventures into a new region, inevitably some of your existing staff are relocated and work together with the new, local team. A mature process of onboarding is required to ensure smooth transition so that this newly-assembled team can shine to their optimal potential.

Time & budget
In this phase of your business development, you really don’t want to suffer an inflated time-to-hire. Cost-effective and timely recruitment is essential, not to mention that the talent pool in the region can quickly dry up due to the competition (and it can be more tight if your company’s brand name is unknown yet to the market).

So, it’s really important to partner up with an MPHRO partner in the region that can support your staffing process professionally. KPSG is existing in the Asia region and the company is capable of providing multiple hires across a range of roles.

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