Breaking the Myth: HR People Shouldn't Have

As an employee, having friends in the office can help us in many things, such as nurturing good teamwork in the project, being a lunch-mate, or you can discuss some personals’ issue according to the company. Yet, most of the HR have the exception with this. Traditionally, there’s this invisible wall between them and the employees.

As an HR, it is indeed your responsibility to monitor employees’ performance review, and manage all things regarding their personal stuff at work, objectively. Yet, it does not mean that you have to make a distance with them. A friendly HR can help you to absorb what the employees really want from the organization, in order to help them be more productive. At the same time, you can be a good moderator between the company and the employees through communicating persuasively with the employees.

Inevitably, being a friendly HR can be a dilemma. How can HR separate personal life and professional life with their co-workers? Having a right mindset can help them to separate when they can communicate in personal and when they can communicate in professional. Here, some tips for you are as an HR, on having friends in your workplace:

Breaking the Myth: HR People Shouldn't Have 

1. Make a border between you and your employees in friendship.
Having personal relation with employees is okay, but make them realize that you're also a professional that can make any decision according to the situation, even though the decision could be an unpopular ones. Yet it's really good be a a friendly HR, as it can raise trustworthiness in employees.

2. Making friends with your co-workers can smoothen your communication dynamics.
It can give you the benefit of building partnership for your next career. In this era, networking, that can come from your friends, is important for your future. We never know who among your friends can be your resource for your profession in the future.

3. Build a right organization environment to avoid the bias.
You can prepare a checklist to measure any component of KPI (key performance index) or another test to measure the employees’ performance.

Considering the beneficial aspects of you as an HR to maintaain friendship with the employees, it's time to leave behind the old myth and start that empowering friendship filled with fruitful collaboration. Consult with KPSG about this matter

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