Have You Equally-treated Your Hybrid Talents?

Have You Equally-treated Your Hybrid Talents?

For many reasons, it’s very common nowadays for organizations to have a combination of remote talents and on-site talents within. There’s a risk of creating divided talents with those who come into the office are viewed as the “better” employees while those who get to work remotely are viewed as “spoiled”.

It’s a perfect recipe for future conflict if you don’t pay attention, read lots of resources and do the actual work in creating a healthy hybrid workforce. So, how can you maintain the work atmosphere well in this hybrid situation?

Give the same facilities and equipment to both your on-site workers and remote workers. For example, when the on-site workers can enjoy the standard workstation in your premises, you can also offer some budget for the remote ones to refurbish their workstation at home.

Build relationships between both parties by initiating online go-together sessions, in which they can share knowledge and get/give feedback in a healthy situation. Also, pair both of them in a mentoring/coaching program to ensure a deeper understanding and stronger relations. When you make a training program, make sure it’s not just held on-site, but can also be accessed online.

Inclusivity in technology; make sure everyone enjoys the same access and facilities provided by your IT department as it directly impacts their productivity. Don’t forget, to keep everyone in the same loop, manage your workflows well. This adjustment can only be done with adaptation to technology. Trust with KPSG for employment services!

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