The Mindset of Recruiting and Staffing Process

The Mindset of Recruiting and Staffing Process

Recruiting and staffing process requires HR to work with so many dynamics of human beings. But it’s also an exciting part in developing your organization forward, as HR selects people that will drive the company to achieve their goals.

In almost 2 years, the pandemic has changed our work culture. Many things have happened, almost all the companies are sailing in the storm. One of the requirements for survivability, is to ensure your “ship” is sailed by skillful sailors that are agile and adaptive to the changing situations.

To make your organization survive, there are some considerations for HR, especially in the staffing process. First, people in the talent pool nowadays are looking forward to a better working culture that can give them a work-life balance. When they believe your company can provide it, they will be motivated to give the best that they can do. Yes, the hope of healthy work culture and a better life, triggers the talents to be more competitive.

Second, as it’s all about business, at the end of the day the management wishes that your recruits can support the company to maintain the relationship with their existing client or get new leads. Considering the uncertain business situations these days, it’s important to gain talents that can contribute to a company's revenue. That’s why during staffing, HR has to eye their candidates well for ability to help the company maintain and get new clients.

Third, Diversity, Equality, and Inclusive (DEI) - it’s becoming more common among the millennials and gen Z. Therefore, to be seen as a more attractive place to build their career, you have to show that your organizations pay healthy attention to the DEI factor. It can make your organization more healthy too because the various people enrich the company culture.

The last is remote working. Before the pandemic, very few companies had these regulations, but it is now more common after the WFH boom in 2020. Now that we’re living in a new normal phase, remote working still exists because it can give benefits both for the company and the employees. The flexibility to work on-site or remote is one of the elements of work that candidates are looking for.

If you are looking for candidates or in the midst of the staffing process, KPSG can assist you to make it go smoothly. Discuss your matters with us now.

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