Presenting Your Company Brand's Image When Doing Tele-Inviting

Presenting Your Company Brand's Image When Doing Tele-Inviting

As recruiters, you all understand the importance of inviting candidates to interview during the talent acquisition process. Not just as mere tools of communication, the invitation also acts as representative of your company’s brand image. Thus, HR should take care of it seriously.

Calling your candidates to invite them further into the recruitment process shows your seriousness in hiring them, and at the same time, you can confirm if they stay interested in working for your company. Maintaining this form of communication well also contributes to boosting your company’s brand image - because this one phone call could be their first interaction with your company.

Therefore, engaging your candidates via tele-inviting process will assist your company in hiring individuals who are a good fit for the position. Voicing this process professionally but still friendly will make candidates feel noticed and valued, which may give them a positive impression of your organization.

So, you have to be personal, yet professional - confusing? Check out these pointers:

Be understanding of the candidates’ situation
Avoid one-way, dominating conversation and pushing candidates to fill your agenda without giving any room to their personal plan. Candidates are people with their own life, they are not aimless entities whose life is only to respond to your invitation and submit to it. They have other responsibilities in their personal life, or they may also still be committed to another job. Be sympathetic to their plan, be flexible with their current professional situation, show that you are respectful of their work-life balance.

Provide clear information
Make sure you communicate clearly on all the important things, such as what the next step would be for the candidates, confirm the appointment date and place, and ask if the candidate has some questions. You can also complement this with text-based communication (email or chat) to ensure candidates understand the message. This is a critical part because it will contribute to the candidate arriving on time and confident. One thing for sure, don’t forget to remind them if there are any additional materials they have to bring during the interview.

Having a firm template or script to assist you with this process can help accelerate the invitation process. When you prefer to acquire professional assistance in tele-inviting, you can contact KPSG us now.

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