The Function of Psychological Test for Recruitment Process

There are many phases in the recruitment process, psychological tests are the initial and essential part of it.

Psychological tests can help HR to identify the candidates and choose the best one that is suitable for the company. Thus, it’s important to be done meticulously.

A standardized psychological test is a scientific tool to measure different characteristics of candidates such as cognitive abilities, aptitudes, personality, motivation. With many kinds of psychological tools, you can choose the suitable ones for you to select the candidates.

The most common psychological tests are cognitive ability tests and personality tests. These kinds of tests can measure different things from one person. Here are functions of each test:

The Function of Psychological Test for Recruitment Process

1. Cognitive Ability Tests
This test can help HR to predict future performance according to some study cases. There are many kinds of cognitive ability tests such as numerical, verbal, spatial, mechanical, inductive and deductive reasoning abilities. Indonesian know this test as an academic potential test or IQ test. More than that, like the name, cognitive ability measures your cognitive and ability in that company’s role you apply for.

With these kinds of tests, every company has their own standard of cognitive ability tests based on their industry. For example, the bank company most used numerical, inductive and deductive reasoning. Banks want to hire a careful person to manage customer funds. Broadcasting companies use drawing and imaginative cognitive ability tests to select their candidates.

2. Personality Tests
This test can help recruiters assess the compatibility of candidates’ character and open positions. For example, salespeople should be talkative and have persuasive communicators. Extroverts and influential personalities are two personalities that are compatible with this position.

Most of us know 16 personalities as the psychological assessment to know the personalities, but not all companies use this assessment to know the candidates’ personalities. Some companies also use DISC as a psychological test, but again it depends on what is the best test that is suitable for the company.

Knowing the reason and the function of the psychological test, you know how important these tests are in selecting the candidates. Before the pandemic, almost all the companies invite the candidates to their office to do psychological tests on-site. Now, in the digital era and in the pandemic situation, psychological online tests can be your consideration.

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