HR's Blind Spot: 3 Things That Your Talents Actually Want from You

Perfect alignment between talents and HRs expectations is the ideal situation that we are longing for. Amidst the pressure of targets or KPI, it is understandable that it can be overwhelming for HR to maintain the balance.

When talents get frustrated that their expectations do not happen, they can consider resigning and looking for a new opportunity in another organization. High employee turnover can make a painful loss for your organization - so it’s better to prevent it by paying attention to HR's 3 blind spots.

What are they?

HR's Blind Spot: 3 Things That Your Talents Actually Want from You

1. Ineffective Work Communication
Unconsciously, we may give them unclear understanding regarding their career path and what they can expect in terms of personal growth - thus, resulting in their decreasing motivation at work.

2. Impose Them to Inactionable Goals
As HR, do we really understand their capacity, or do we just want them to get things done? One of the most irritating things for talents is to be handled projects outside their capacity and is pressured to excel on it without clear guidance.

3. Abandon Coaching
Don’t be satisfied by getting the “star talent”, but continue to nurture their growth through proper coaching and personal development programs.

So, beware of all the red flags, and manage their expectation well. And after you've executed your retention strategies, we took care of all the administrational side of your retention process. How?

New opportunities and the chances to grow in capacity in what makes your talents stay. When it’s already agreed, it takes energy and resources to execute what has been said, in a professional manner.

For example, there will definitely be adjustments in all the promoted talents’ contracts in terms of salary, position title, period of contract, to the more detailed part of their health benefit such as BPJS.

Worries not, as we’re here to support you with all those processes, to ensure the best employee experience. Check our services on this KPSG website.

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