The Benefit of Employee Retention with Coaching

The Benefit of Employee Retention with Coaching

The next step after you hire new employees is the retention process. There are many programs that you can conduct in the retention process such as Introducing company culture, office tours, introducing the team, and training them to do their job.

Training the new employees to do their role in your company is not only teaching them for the job per se, but you should think further about them. They are the next generation to make your company sustainable. Especially, if they are fresh graduates and have less experience in working culture, training and coaching from old employees or from their leader can help them to understand their role easily.

Retention is not only for new employees, but you can do this if you want to promote your existing employees to a higher level.

Why is coaching the retention model that you should consider? Coaching requires the leaders' effort to guide their new team to delve more into the teamwork spirit and give birth to new fresh ideas and improvement to upgrade their project. Bottom line, coaching helps you empower the team to improve themself.

Coaching not only gives benefits for new employees. It can be a symbiosis mutualism for both of you. There are three benefits of coaching as part of an employee retention initiative:

First, coaching is not only for the leaders or HR to teach the new employees, but both of them can learn together from each perspective. The leaders can share their experience and the new candidates can give the feedback as the person from the outside. It can help both of you to collaborate to improve the company and walk together to the desired future.

Second, coaching can stimulate both the leaders and the team members to grow, in a measurable method along the coaching session.

Third, coaching can help you to build employee’s trust and loyalty. Coaching is not only for teaching but it builds relationships that can empower the employees. In the empowering process, you can give some freedom or space to them to develop their ideas for your company. If it happens, they are willing to be loyal to your company.

Do you have an interest in coaching methods as your retention process? Let's start it to improve your company. KPSG can provide clients in conducting the coaching process for their talents, in accordance with our scope of services, which relate to the values of discipline, work ethics,etc. We will help you to empower your employees to make an improvement to your company.

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