4 Steps for Effective and Sustainable Employee Wellness Program

A company can grow not only because of the C-suite or Board of Directors, but it’s founded on the best performance by every member of the team. Perhaps, after the elaborate recruitment and hiring process, now you’ve got the best aboard. Next question: How to maintain them well?

HR should remember that companies have a responsibility to maintain their employees through several initiatives, such as: Training, seminar, or a course to improve their skills and knowledge as a talent. But moreover, we should not abandon the importance of maintaining their wellness.

What is wellness? Wellness is not only about physical health, but holistic healthy life such as physics, psychology, and their well-being. Knowing the importance of employee wellness, there are some points that can be considered to make an effective and sustainable wellness program. Here, some guides for you:

4 Steps for Effective and Sustainable Employee Wellness Program

1. Communicate your wellness programs
Socializing wellness programs are not only to give announcements about the programs that companies provide. The aim of the communication is to give them personal motivation about the impact of staying healthy. It can be that they have more energy to spend time with their family, increase their productivity and their income, save their money from medical treatment.

2. Make it a collective system
A person with a healthy lifestyle can influence others. Imagine, that if you have some employees who have a healthy lifestyle, they can influence other employees to have the same lifestyle. The collective system not only can come from fellow employees but it can come from C-level or manager level, because a leader can bring more impact.

3. Gamify it!
Also, make it playful. You can make games or little rules about a day of healthy meals, and provide them to choose physical exercise classes such as yoga, zumba, or gym membership. These classes are not an obligation for your employees, but it can push them to maximize company facilities for their wellness. You can lure them into it by creating a “point reward” system.

4. Partnership with the wellness program vendor
It will be overwhelming if you scratch the wellness program from zero, especially if you make some programs. Partnering with third parties can help you to make a wellness system. You can consult about your needs and your consideration related to your company culture and your employee.

The healthy and happy employees result in productivity and a good retain rate. It reduces the employee turnover rate and saves your cost for the recruitment process.

With all the existing HR routine tasks, we understand that it’s not easy to come up with the time and resources to plan the strategic wellness plan.

HR needs to decide the repetitive tasks that can be delegated to third parties, such as employee administration, recruitment process, and payroll process. As you are getting more serious with the strategic program, you can delegate such administrational things to KPSG. As a Multi-Process Human Resources Outsourcing Company, we can help you to manage repetitive tasks professionally.

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