Important of Freshness in Employee Data

Having a strong system of employee databases, but without an updated data within, is like having a sophisticated weapon in war, but lacking ammunition. So, as talents come and go, you have to make sure your “ammunition” is upgraded!

Then, what is the HR data that should be updated regularly? Check out the list below:

Important of Freshness in Employee Data

Date of birth
Not just for basic data reasoning, having a tidy database of your talents’ date of birth enables HRs to build a mentally healthy culture at work by recognizing a talent’s birthday. Not only will they feel appreciated, it can boost the talent’s motivation at work!

Job desk
Do you know, boredom can be as toxic as overworked? By having an updated job desk data, you can monitor each talent’s performance, evaluate their satisfaction in their current job desk and move them when it’s necessary. It’s still the same old adage: To have the right man at the right place!

Salary & compensation
It’s a very private, delicate and important data, isn’t it? Make sure you keep every talents’ salary up to date with their career development to prevent unwanted misunderstanding. Also, it's essential data to be reported to the managerial levels, as a basis of their strategic decisions.

Profile photo
Simple, but sometimes overlooked. Today, the importance of having an updated profile pics of your talents has increased; it’s triggered by the new remote working culture, in which you can’t always see each other all the time. Yet HR stands for Human Resources, so it’s still important to be able to recognize your talent visually. So, yes - ask them to submit their pics, or create fun, virtual photo sessions for everyone!

Make sure you have a reliable partner in managing all these business process for you - simply contact us with your inquiries, and we’ll work the best to make your talents’ working experience as satisfactory as possible. The enhancement of your recruitment process can be updated should you contact with KPSG

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