Hiring a Troop of Professional Staff: Best Practice in the Corporate World

Hiring talents is an art of its own; as it plays a very critical role in your organization going forward, we don’t want to mess or do it recklessly, right? So what are the pointers that we should be aware of, when hiring our next troops of professionals, both on staff or non-staff level?

Hiring a Troop of Professional Staff: Best Practice in the Corporate World

Make them comfortable first
There are lots of elements, especially in the recently common online interviews, that can make someone, having their own portfolio and experiences, suddenly sound like a clueless fresh grad. So, not to miss this gem of talent due to technical-related bad first impressions, we can invest more time learning about their virtual interview preference, what communication channel that they’re most confident with, and be patient with their adjustments.

Strong employer branding
Those in the pool of Millennials or Gen Z talents usually not only search for a job only to make ends meet, or simply to add to their portfolio; but they’re also looking for some institution that can emphasize their identity and can become a great place for them to self-actualize. That’s why a shared value between your organization and the candidate can play an important role in this decision. The candidate will check your organizational values from many channels - your social media, company website, and even from the word of mouth within their networks. So, make sure that your employer branding strategy & programs are matured.

Background checks
Referencing has been proven beneficial in increasing hiring success. Check your candidates not only to his/her leads, but also to their previous academic supervisor. Plus, not to forget, the proper background checks procedure to ensure the integrity of your candidate, as they will be the face of your company.

Just a few closing tips, candidates are usually more appreciative of personal touch and they can have an equal curiosity to you instead of the other ways around. So, when you’re contacting them via conference call platforms, don’t use a virtual background - let them see your real workspace. If it’s possible, prepare a virtual office tour video to be played.

Like many things, hiring in a post-Covid world will require adaptation to new challenges that arise. Don’t worry, it’s still possible to successfully hire a strong troop of staff if you run the hiring process well. Contact us with KPSG

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