Talent Management Process from A to Z

Talent Management Process from A to Z

It’s a staple for all of us, professional HR in both national and multinational companies. KPSG, which has been working together with HRs for more than 30 years, is honoured to assist our clients in every part of the talent management process. Let’s take a trip to recheck all of the processes, and evaluate if we have implemented the best execution on each step.

According to Harvard Business Review, talent management processes start with attracting the right candidates that your organization requires - for example, the copywriting of your vacancy ads; if you’re looking for a middle management level, you have to make sure to use a different approach from entry-level vacancy ads.

The second process is the hiring phase, in which HR starts to make offers and negotiations for the job desk and compensation to the candidates. The third process, labeled ‘integrating employees’, but we’re also familiar to call it onboarding, which introduces the hired talent to his/her team or departments.

Does the process stop there? Of course not - the next step is developing employees - we have the responsibility to build their skills and experience as our talents. Afterward, followed by assessing their performance, in which as time goes by, we can evaluate the talents’ performance in accordance to the expected outcome (we usually do this part with the talent’s direct user).

The result of the performance assessment can be used to manage his/her compensation and promotion further. Don’t forget the last, and also not least important part of this talent management process: Retaining the good performers. Star talents are a precious part of your organization’s future, so make sure no one is leaving sooner than expected.

When monitoring and implementing all parts of this talent management process seems overwhelming, you can always trust your business process to KPSG - from payroll to time management, we got you covered!

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