Maintain Payroll Compliance for Jobkeeper

Maintain Payroll Compliance for Jobkeeper

The payroll system is one of the complex things in HR’s daily administrative tasks that sometimes requires them to collaborate well with the accounting department.

We all understand that each employee may have their unique salary scheme influenced by many factors, such as: Result of the negotiation in the interview season and the other allowance that the employees get. It requires meticulous attention on the payroll staff side, they should check and recheck all components to avoid the error in the payroll. Proper handling of payroll can save your company from fraud accusations and show your compliance aspect to the labor law.

Yes, the important thing of the payroll system is not only for the employees' welfare, but also for compliance with the regulation related to tax and labor law. The neat administration of payroll systems will save you a lot of energy and time during the production of the annual report and show your credibility to your shareholders or stakeholders.

The complexity of the payroll system is faced by all the companies on every scale. For small companies, starting with proper payroll is a good thing to comply with the obligation, and it will set a good foundation as your organization grows. For big companies, the proper payroll system is a must, especially because you have a big team.

With all the complexity, considering hiring third parties to help manage payroll systems can help a lot. First, you can avoid human error and fraud. Second, you have a neat administration to inform each employee, report the tax, and have an excellent archive about the employees’ salary.

As a multi-process human resource outsourcing company, KPSG has a service to help you manage your payroll system. Our service, which can also come in the form of handy application, will help you report and comply with obligations. Contact us for more information.

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