HR & The WFA (Work from Anywhere) Culture: How Do We Adapt?

HR & The WFA (Work from Anywhere) Culture: How Do We Adapt?

The COVID-19 proved to us that our talents can still maintain their productivity while choosing the work scheme that works best for them: Full WFH, full WHO, or hybrid. This phenomenon imposes new challenges for the new generation of HR.

Even before the COVID19, the year 2015, there were already researches published in Harvard Business Review that employee’s productivity increased 22% when they are given the opportunity to determine for themselves the location of work that suits them best.

As for HR, the new challenges that we have to manage related to communication, knowledge sharing between talents, performance evaluation methods, and the issue of data security. First of all, don’t be overwhelmed yet - remember that all HRs around the globe are dealing with similar challenges today. The best lesson learned, WFA organization can be managed well as long as they’ve adapted to asynchronous communication via the many remote working tools available today. KPSG, as the reliable partner for the WFA organization, has also come up with the right support to still do recruitment & selection, onboarding, and offboarding remotely.

Perhaps we used to think: How can we manage, monitor, and evaluate talents that we’ve never met in person? From Performance Evaluation to compensation setting, we’ll guide you to manage through the dynamics with no worry. You can still manage your talents professionally, even if they’re working remotely, with our assistance.

As HR, we have to work things out to make sure work from anywhere culture can be executed well. With the right partner, even the large & mature organizations can successfully transition to this new working culture.

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