Guide for Recruiting and Retaining Gen Z Workforce

There are some classifications for any generation of the workforce; we know about baby boomers, generation Y, generation Z, or millennials. Every generation has a uniqueness. Knowing that, especially for HR, we should be able to adjust accordingly, attracting and retaining the best from each generation.

Nowadays, the workforce has started to be entered by Generation Z. Living with the acceleration of the technology makes them familiar with it. Technology and digitalization allow them to learn everything so fast. In the workplace, it’s not just the salary that matters, they want to grow and feel proud of the company that they contribute to. Have you sensed these unique characteristics?

Knowing the characteristic of Generation Z, here some consideration that can help you attract and retain Generation Z employees:

Guide for Recruiting and Retaining Gen Z Workforce

1. Flexibility
Utilizing technology can help them to work from everywhere and anywhere. It can make them reduce time to commute and reduce facing the traffic jam every day. On the other side, employers look at these things as an opportunity to be agile in every situation. They only need a few times to change the decision or make a project.

2. Teamwork
Teamworks not only helps them to achieve their project fastest. In teamwork, they are not only working alone and feeling lonely but they can also socialize with their co-workers, especially if their team is diverse. Sometimes, they can get inspired and learn from their diverse teammates.

3. Development
Not only developing the company, but the employers and the employees also want to grow together. The more growing the employees, the more growing the company or project that they are working on. Sometimes support for developing each other reflects from the stage of their career or how the HR can support them with another skill that supports their work in the company. In other ways, some companies allow the employees to rotate jobs to make them learn something new.

4. Mental and Physical Health
For some people work-life balance is impossible and the hard things to do. Yet, some companies try to support their employees’ work-life balance. On one hand, as employees, they have a responsibility to the company, but they should care about their personal life like physical health and mental health, especially most of this generation aware of this issue.

We hope you can gain the best collaboration with your Gen Z talents! Simply chat with us for more information on how KPSG can support all your business processes, from attracting to retaining your Gen Z employees.

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