Organizing Employees Files Without Headache

As multinational companies operate in many different countries, employee data can remain a complex component to manage. The piling of these data can make any HR manager overwhelmed. Every component is important, especially for HR tasks. With these complexities, you need to categorize each component to help you make a decision and monitor the employees.

There are two big categories in employee data. First, personal information that contains name, address, date of birth, bank account, etc. Second, the data is related to jobs and companies. It can be the component to measure the employees’ performance. These two kinds of categories sometimes relate to each other.

With the complexity of data, HR should organize and manage the data. Here are some components you should categorize in the employee data:

1. Job Profile
In these categories, HR should fill the current role of the employees, the previous role, and their department. The details of a job profile can help you to make a structure and workflow in your organization. If your company grows and needs to add a new staff member, you can plan based on this data.

2. Benefit of Employees and Tax
Each employee from the company regulations has their own benefit based on their roles, position, and marital status. Adjusting your data to calculate the benefit of employees such as their salary, another allowance, bonus, insurance, etc. Don’t forget to put a bank account in these categories to help the accountant pay the salary.

3. Travel and Expense Tracking
There are times when the employees need to take a business trip for an essential deal. The travel expense tracking shows them as an active rep of your brand.

4. Get Time Off
Every employee has the benefit of day-off or absence because of sickness or maternity. These categories can help you measure the day-off of employees.

Organizing the data can help your tasks, but it needs more focus to make it neatly. KPSG as a multi-process human resource outsourcing company has some services to help you organize and manage the employee's data. It can adjust with your company's needs, flexibly. So, the HR team can make strategic programs for your employee, while we assist you to manage administration things.