Let's Be Aware of Secretly Unfair Selection Process

The racism issues open our minds about diversity. It can affect the industry to have a standpoint against racism, embrace diversity, and opportunity equality especially in working culture. HR should consider these issues. Not only for the campaign and having a good reputation, but it can help the company to grow more as they serve their diverse markets.

When the company tries to have a fair selection process to accommodate the diversity of candidates with professional recruitment, there are some unconscious things that make the selection unfair. Here, some cases of the hidden unfair selection process:

1. Communication on Advertised Role
There are some roles that are often fulfilled by a certain gender or a certain age with their expertise. It is formed by the local culture from year to year. If you advertised the role with the same communication, the people think you need the candidates like before. You should change your communication style that is open for certain criteria related to the job description.

2. The Places of Advertised Role
Not only communication style but the place of your advertised the recruitment can also make tendentious of discrimination. For example, if you through the advertising in women's media, the people thought your company did not need a man for that role. If you only shared the advertising in top universities, people thought that your company does not accept the application from other universities. However, maybe you can find the right people, not graduates from top universities.

3. The Interview and Selection Process
The interview process makes the HR can communicate directly with the candidates. It can make the first impression on each other. Some races have some physical characteristics that can lead the interviewer unconsciously to the candidates. Having a question guide and interviewer partner can help you to make an objective measurement to the candidates.

4. The Right and The Obligations
Some companies have job packages for man and woman employees such as gender pay gap, gender allowance gap, day-off gap, etc. The company and HR do these things unconsciously, but when you are aware of these regulations, you should consider changing some points to accommodate all of the employees’ rights and obligations.

Breaking the culture to embrace diversity has its own challenges. You can do this if you want to make a healthy working culture in your company. To avoid bias, you can hire another company to help your HR department from recruiting and managing the employees’ administrations to suit your company’s regulations. Please check our services to know more about how we can help you to have a fair and professional recruitment process.