New Strategy for Digital Recruitment in The Post-Pandemic

Pandemic brings us a new culture, especially in this industrial era. It accelerates us to utilize the technology for digitalization. Even though utilizing technology, there are some strategies that HR should consider for the recruiting process. It can help HR and the company to get the best candidates who are suitable for the roles you hire.

Here some strategies for recruiting process in the midst and the post of the pandemic:

1. Employer Branding
HR often utilizes job fairs in universities to introduce their company and get the candidates. Especially if the universities have good reputations, the company wants the graduates from the university to become their employees. When the pandemic happens, doing the on-site job fair is something impossible, when we suggested doing physical distancing and avoiding the crowd.

Utilizing the digital platform can help the company do the same thing in a job fair in another way. You can use any digital platform to introduce your company, working culture, company’s value to the public, and educational things related to your employer. It can attract people and help you get the best candidates. You don’t need to introduce again about your company and working culture.

2. Bridging The Skill Gap
There are some new skills that you need to be agile with this era. Some of those skills are not taught in formal education. HR can make training or hiring partners who can train the employees to upgrade their skills. The skillful employees can help the company grow more with new innovations.

3. Improving for Digitalization Recruitment and Onboarding
When all of the human aspects utilize the technology, HR should upgrade how to digitize the recruitment and onboarding process. Technology can help HR to reduce repetitive tasks, easier to search for candidates or employee data, and make some tasks more efficient.

Digitizing the recruitment and onboarding process not only gives benefits for HR, but for the candidates and the employees too. If you and your candidates are separated in different places like in a multinational company, they can join your program and still give their contribution to your company.

KPSG as Multi-Process Human Resource Outsourcing has some services that can help your recruitment process strategies with digital things. We can provide some services that are suitable for your needs.