Pre-employment Screening: Gender Aspect

During the pre-employment screening, should an HR give special consideration to candidates based on their gender?

The discussion around gender in the human resource world sometimes sparks a debate - for example, the discussion around the payment gap between the two genders. Still in the spirit of Kartini Day, we can be grateful as a report by ILO (International Labour Organization) shared that as women’s educational attainments and work experience has steadily increased worldwide, the salary gap has narrowed in some places.

As a recruiter in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, the element of gender is inseparable - not to be viewed as discrimination, but instead as a recognition of each gender’s unique characteristics. One of the most common examples of this in Indonesia happens when we recruit staff for a contact center, for example. Working 24 hours in shifts, it comes naturally that recruiters consider men for the night shift and women for the day shift.

For an objective and fair pre-employment screening, make sure your recruiting method is free from gender bias. ILO states that a job desk that’s typically performed by women risk being disregarded or valued lower than those typically performed by men. This is the mindset that we must break apart.

Promoting gender equality at work is a great initiative that’s really appreciated today, especially after the #MeToo movement. By prioritizing it, you show your stakeholders that your organization is relevant to the social dynamics of the world and adjusted to the good values out there.

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