What HR Should Do When Missing a Contract Renewal

Get your contract renewal process done in excellence - it's included within KPSG's Employee Administration and Registration Services (ERS).

Being an HR can feel like a never-ending loop of paperworks - so many talents to be managed, so little time! Human error sometimes happens at a complex organization (you can check out our previous article about it last month) but when it’s the HR that falls into it, there is more pressure as we’re seen as the go-to person when our talents are facing issues at work.

One of the common mistakes of HR is missing their talents’ contract renewal - which is understandable, when we have batches of employees with different contract renewal timing. Forgetting about it can leave the employees to wander about their status and worst case scenario, your best talent may start checking out opportunities in different organizations.

Contract renewal matters a lot to our talents. There are some tips when your HR department mistakenly handles the process of contract renewal - of course, you can identify the mistake and make the initiatives to fix it. Make sure you build good communication with the talent involved to avoid further misunderstanding. But most importantly, assess the situation with your team and evaluate how to avoid the same thing happening again.

It will really make your day easier if you’ve recorded all contract deadlines centrally and set up a mature contract review process. HR departments who work together with MPHRO partner such as KPSG, can get their employees' contract done well, as it's included in the ERS service. As the administrative aspect of employees’ contract are handled professionally by MPHRO partner, the HR staff can focus on the more strategic decision and aspect of managing the talents.