Combat Manager Blues with MPHRO Partner

Work smarter, not harder after being promoted to a new level.

So, you’ve been promoted to managerial level at work this year, which you entered with a joyful heart. But it does not take long before you feel overwhelmed by this new role - perhaps, there are still previous tasks that you still have to work on, plus the new responsibilities that require you to act on strategic decisions. Thus, the manager blues kick in. Is this story familiar to you?

The phenomenon is quite common in the new normal. Due to the challenging economic climate, some best performing employees do get promoted to managerial level, but perhaps the organization decided it’s not yet the right time to hire new employees - resulting in a pile of responsibilities being silo-ed on the manager only.

In a season like this, before the pressure takes a toll on your productivity, it’s best to work things out with an MPHRO partner. First of all, the new manager can sort out which routine tasks can be handled by the MPHRO partner, and which strategic role that’s essential to be handled personally. Afterward, an MPHRO partner can just manage the certain business process, while the new manager focuses on its new, strategic role.

If you’d like to learn more about how a certain business process can be managed by an MPHRO partner, just contact us, KPSG, as the trusted MPHRO partner that’s been in the industry for more than 30 years.