Preparing the Interview to Get The Best Local Candidates

Every company wants to get the best candidates that fit with their working culture, especially if you’re an international company newly entering Indonesia. First of all, if you are new to Indonesian regulation, you should consult and get complete knowledge about it. Then, one of the very first moments of applying it can happen during your interview process.

The selection process is very important for the first step when your organization is recruiting for some positions or roles, to be posted in the country. After you publish the position requirements and the company background, you get some applications that might be fit with these positions based on their application.

Interviews should be prepared well to get insights regarding the capabilities of each candidate and make sure you get the best talent to boost your business forward. There are some questions and considerations that you should put on question lists:

1. Basic Knowledge
HR wants to have the candidates with the basic knowledge according to the role position. For example, the company wants to hire a salesperson. The person who applies for this role should know how to influence the prospective buyer until they can sell the product to them. HR can ask the candidate about the strategy and the way of thinking to sell the product from A to Z. Based on the candidate’s answer, you can put the score on your interview script.

Not only the knowledge according to the role that they apply, but also about the creativity and other skills that relate to the role. Sometimes, we can get unique and creative answers from the candidates that we’re never thought of by the previous employee in the same role.

2. Personality and Character
Character and personality are something that is hard to change. You can ask about the case studies and the problem that you often encounter in your daily work. At the same time, you introduce the situation of your workflow and behavior. From the answers, you will know how the candidates can deal with that situation.

3. Prepare the Interview’s Measuring Instrument
Even though the interview is the qualitative method to filter the candidates, HR should prepare the quantitative measurement according to the job requirements. When interviewing the candidates you dig up the conversation to get their best answer for the questions.

4. Have a Team for Panel Interviews
Decide 2-3 people to interview the candidates. It can help you score and get an objective overview of the candidates. Panel interviews can avoid the bias interview too.

5. Measure all of The Scoring Component at The End
When the candidates do something that makes the HR unpleasant, it makes the HR easily give the low score to the candidates. In fact, it might be caused by something that they can’t handle such as the candidates wearing the colour shirt when another candidate wears a white shirt or the candidates coming late because they help someone when they are on the road to the office.

Before you give a total low score to the candidates, hold on until the end of the recruiting process. You can measure another side of the candidate that can be related to the role in your company. Especially in an interview session, you can dig-up the answer of the candidates to make sure the reason for the unpleasantness happens.

Getting the best candidates fit in the role of the company needs preparation. It needs your time and money. The company can lose their money if you are in the wrong way to prepare the recruitment process including an interview session. If you are concerned about that, you can consider a partner to help you prepare for the interview process like KPSG.