Lesson-Learned: Waving Goodbye to a 'Good' Talent

Hiring an employee and becoming part of the favorite team is a dream for everyone. Whoever in that team, wants all of the members to stay working together and it simplifies the communication from each other. When one member applies for the resignation or the contract to not be continued by the company, all of the members feel missing out.

Missing one role in a team will increase the workload of other members, regardless if they’re favorable or not. However, don’t let the experience go to waste and let’s have the mindset for getting the best out of this experience:

- When a ‘good’ talent decides to wave goodbye, HR can evaluate their recruiting process from sourcing, interviewing, and giving tasks - are all preparation has been done in regard to their real skillset and character?

- Don’t miss the exit interview - make sure you gain all the essential information from the resigning employee's point of view and it can improve your company to develop the working culture better.

- Some of the employees apply for resignation to pursue their dreams, get the university scholarship or build this business. You can ask them if they don’t feel offended, what they want to do after working with your company. Then you can observe the opportunity to stay in partnership with them, for example by offering a deal on sponsoring his/her education.

Remember, losing good employees is not a total failure - you can develop your remaining team afterward. There are some lessons you can learn to improve the working culture that can affect your business growth and maybe give you a better business in the future.

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