The Considerations for Online Assessment

In this era, working online is more common and applies to most things including the recruitment process. Not just your candidates can apply via online platforms, but the interview and assessment can also be executed online

When you consider doing an online assessment on your recruitment process, there are some stuff that you need to understand:

List of Considerations for Online Assessment

1. Understand the Type of Assessment Test
Every assessment test tool has a specific function. If you can define what kind of candidate that your company needs, then you can easily choose the suitable assessment test. The assessment can help you know their cognitive abilities, their skills, and their personalities. Sometimes you can combine more than one type of assessment to get to know more about the candidates.

2. How You can Get a Result
The end score of the assessment can help you filter the candidates that you want to hire. Make sure how and when you can get the result. The faster you can get the result, the faster you can recruit the candidates.

3.The Devices for Online Assessment
When you decide to do the online assessment, find out what kind of devices that can be used by the candidates. You can give the written brief to the candidates to prepare the devices before they do an online assessment.

4. Brief for Candidates
It is important to remind the candidates about the online assessment and what candidates should prepare before doing that. It can help to show if their abilities might be suitable for your company. Remind the candidates too about the duration and the time of the online assessment.

Online assessment must be prepared wisely in order to get the best candidates. Preparing the online assessment is different compared to the offline assessment. You can consider third parties to help you arrange these tests. KPSG as a Multi-Process Human Resource Company can help you recruit the suitable candidates through professional online assessment service.

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