Most Common Reasons of Issuing a Warning Letter

Reprimanding the employees in some situations is needed, to develop your employees as a person and grow your business. There are two kinds of reprimanding your employees: Verbal and written. You can talk and discuss directly with your employee about their performance. The supervisor/user has the authority to do that. How about the written one? It is familiarly known as a warning letter.

Warning letter is a legal document that can be recorded by the company. It can be archived as a documentation of misconduct incident by the employee. You can not write and send warning letters to the employee carelessly. Factual data is needed before you write it.

These are the common trigger or situation that result in a warning letter:

1. Absenteeism
The company has the rule about work hours and workdays of their employees. It’s calculated by the board manager and the HR departments to grow their business. If the employee is absent for some days more than their day-off, especially if they don’t give notice to their supervisor, it can disturb the working flow and affect the business.

2. Tardiness
Just like absenteeism, tardiness is about employee productivity can affect the business. Tardiness is not about when you come to the office or being online, but the task’s deadline, or when they have meeting appointments with the client.

3. Misbehaviour
These two kinds are totally different with two points related directly to productivity. Misbehavior such as immoral act, discrimination and violence can distract the productivity of other employees, working culture, and professional environment.

4. Poor performance
An employee and some departments have their own KPI or key performance index. It can help the team to know how they should achieve for the company. If the employee consistently does not achieve their KPI, even though the company has given the support, you can issue a performance warning letter.

5. Breaking safety procedure
Some companies, especially in construction, manufacturing, drugs, and medical devices business, have specific standards and protocols that must be followed. It can save their employees, their customers, and the company. If the employee breaks the rule, it can harm another employee, customer, and themselves, which makes the company bear the loss.

Whatever your reason to issue a warning letter, make sure that you do it properly and professionally. We have a service to manage the employee including send and manage warning letters, when you need assistance with the HR tasks.